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  • Macon Elementary School Students are rewarded for reading

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  • Thursday, 53 Macon Elementary fourth and fifth grade students were rewarded for their active participation in the Reading Counts program. Elementary school librarian, Ashlie Meisner, says this is the best quarter she has seen yet. "Each quarter it gets bigger and bigger because the other students see the incentive party and it makes them want to do it, too," said Meisner.
    In order to qualify for the incentive party, students had to earn at least 40 points by taking online book report quizzes. Fourth grader Anna Howe said, "It's great getting to take tests online instead of writing it out."
    Every quarter students have the opportunity to get invited to the incentive party. And being in the Reading Counts program not only has party benefits, but it also helps prepare students for middle school. The Reading Counts program continues into middle school only it gets a little harder point wise.
    When asked if he liked the Reading Counts program, fourth grader Issac Nobles said, "I love it! It makes your brain bigger."
    At the end of the year some students will earn medals for their participation. "It's making them read more now than I have ever seen," said Meisner. "They are in here all the time which is great."
    Fourth graders rewarded: Maliya French, Connor Bennett, Blake Murr, Anna Howe, Sarah Phan, Emalee Harris, Preston Stewart, Issac Nobles, Gehana Patel, Kate Hawkins, Mickayla Aldridge, Megan Eaton, Brady Murr, Bailey Nickerson, Ryan Gann, Dominick Richardson, Lilli Cordle, Blake Taylor, Austin Warren, Aiden Spencer, Logan Farris, Jake Rodgers, Jace Corwin, Tanner Eyeman and Gus Davis.
    Fifth graders rewarded: Allison Winkler, Dade Richardson, Caleb Bergfield, Lilli Crooks, Dagan Penland, Grace Cason, Ryan Petre, Cruz Lewis, Jonathan Barron, Zak Bush, Cole Lewis, Tyrel Enyard, Jonah Danner, Kari Russell, Caleb Horland, Cassie Fuemmeler, Noah Cason, Aleah Davis, Ashlynn Witt, Katie Hackman, Brennan Moots, Dantae Maguider, Jestin Kitts, Teryn Fitzsimons, Michael Wheeler and Hannah Hilker.
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