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by Antonio Prokup
God May Be a Woman
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By Antonio Prokup
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        (The second installment in a pro-con project for Composition Class)

         One of the hottest controversies in the Roman Catholic church today is the acceptance or non acceptance as the case may be of women becoming ordained priests.  In the history of the church, men have been superior to women in roles of 

leadership, speci?cally priests, bishops, cardinals and of course the pope.  However on 

other levels the Roman Catholic church has changed with the times. The church's 

biggest argument against ordaining women is the biblical standpoint.  Even though the 

church leaders believe they have a valid point to exclude women from ordination into 

the priesthood, in today's world equality should be considered because women are 

equal to men and the church should allow for this inevitable change.

     Biblically men are superior to women.  God created man and from man came 

woman.  God obviously thought women to be the lesser of the two.  God chose to send 

his son, not a daughter,  to live and teach on earth when trying to save the Christian 

souls.  And of course Jesus chose 12 male apostles to become his followers; leaving 

these male followers to teach the news of God long after Jesus was gone from earth.

     Although it is true the leaders of the church have always been men, times have 

changed and so must the church.  The church in fact has had strong female leadership 

starting with the mother of Jesus.  Mary not only gave birth to Jesus but stood ?rm and 

strong behind him.  Obviously God felt Mary was deserving of this important role.  She 

lead by example in a time when women were not respected as much as men.  Her 

strength of character shows what women are capable of doing.  She is revered by the Catholic church.  Unlike other denominations, Mary is prayed to and is used as a 

mediator between the Catholics and God.  Such importance is given to a woman!

     In later times Mother Theresa of Calcutta was canonized in an unusual short period 

of time after her death.  This honor was given to a truly remarkable woman but more 

accurately a truly remarkable leader.  She was able to lead a huge number of men and 

women to recognize the need for spiritual growth among the poor.  These followers 

looked up to her with honor and respect and were able to pass their faith on to 

thousands of people.  Much like Jesus administering to the leopards, Mother Theresa 

walked that same path.

     With these examples in mind, it is not hard to understand the reason for the 

organizations that have been formed in the states today.  Roman Catholic 

Womenpriests, and Women's Ordination Worldwide are just a couple of examples of 

organizations ordaining worthy women into the priesthood.  Many of these organizations 

have the backing of ordained male priests.  However, few male priests are open about 

their help for fear of excommunication.  These women priest exemplify the same 

strength of faith and leadership of any male priest and deserve the chance to follow 

their calling.

     As we as Catholics continue in our church today, we must learn from our past and 

move forward with changes.  The constant and ever-growing problem of the shortage of 

priests, should be reason enough for allowing women to be ordained.  Because of these 

shortages, churches are not only closing but unfortunately are being torn down.  With 

this action, communities are being destroyed.  Women priests would let communities thrive and prosper. The closing of churches results in the loss of practicing Catholics 

who refuse to attend church in another town.  Women priest is the logical answer.

     Changes in the Catholic church have been successfully happening for a long time.  

Vatican II, the change from Latin masses to English was a major but necessary change.  

It was considered very controversial at the time, but looking back, a change that was for 

the better.  Allowing girls to serve mass offended some Catholics at the time of 

conception, but now is looked upon as necessary and normal.  Therefore changes that 

seem unfathomable now will not be 10 years down the road.  So the answer is easy.  

Women should be allowed to be priests.  Not only because it would alleviate a lot of the 

problems with the church, but because it is the right thing to do.  Women have proven to 

be equal to men and deserve this chance.

     When a church the size of the Roman Catholic church, decides to stop growing and 

changing, troubles will follow.  We are there.  The change has to happen and it must 

happen soon.  The reasons against de?nitely do not out way the necessary need for this 

inevitable change.  The church has already proven she can survive change.  So letting 

quali?ed women answer their call is a must for the church to maintain its powerful 

reputation.  Women are equally as quali?ed as men and who knows God my have been 

the spiritual mother of Jesus.  Yes, that would make God a woman!

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