Macon Chronicle-Herald - Macon, MO
  • Connecticut shooting hits close to home

  • Macon R-1 Superintendent Chuck Stockton talks about plans for Macon schools after Connecticut shooting.
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  • The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has certainly been the topic of conversation, so what does this mean for the schools in Macon?
    According to Superintendent Chuck Stockton, he plans to continue the same day-to-day routine. "We just want to focus on the norm and on creating a better learning environment."
    Although Stockton's focus is on the norm, it doesn't mean he isn't thinking about security. "We have any number of drills and have re-evaluated those to see if there are any vulnerabilities," said Stockton. Overall, however, he didn't express much concern in security. "We have a local resource officer and a good relationship with the police department...We just have to continue to focus on the things we do."
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