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  • Lost ring returns

  • Melissa Greenwood of Anabel thought she had lost her ring, but due to a good citizen it found it's way back
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  • Melissa Greenwood of Anabel was recently reminded that it is nice to live in a small community filled with honest people.
    A ring that she thought was lost found it’s way back to her.
    Melissa went to Walmart to pick up a ring that her husband John had given her for their 15th wedding anniversary.
    “It was being sized, so I went  to pick it up,” said Melissa. “I wanted to wear my new ring, so I pulled my old one off and stuck it in the zippered pocket of my purse where I keep my car keys.”
    It was a busy Monday for Melissa and she forgot all about placing the ring in her purse.
    “We were all over town that day,” she said. “My daughter sold cookie dough for band and we were all over the place delivering it.”
    On Wednesday, she remembered the ring and when she looked in her purse found it was missing.
    “I looked everywhere for it.” said Melissa. “It wasn’t an expensive ring, but I’d had it for a long time and it had sentimental value.”
    She searched through her purse, house and car. Trying to retrace her steps, she went back to Walmart on Thursday morning to see if it could possibly be there.
    “The lady at the service desk asked me to describe the ring,” said Melissa. “She went over to a drawer and pulled it out. I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited that it brought tears to my eyes.”
    The lady working at the service desk told Melissa that she was also working when the ring was turned in.
    “She said when I started to describe my ring, she knew right away that it was the one that was turned in,” said Melissa. “I was so excited that it was found that I forgot to ask her if she knew who turned it in so I could thank them.”
    Melissa believes that the ring  came out of her purse in the parking lot when she pulled her keys out. She feels very fortunate that it was found and that it had not been run over or damaged.
    “In this day and age, it is nice to know that there are honest, caring people out there,” said Melissa.
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