Macon Chronicle-Herald - Macon, MO
  • Macon Moment in History Oct. 23, 1992

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  • The following Macon Moments in History were taken from the October 23, 1992 edition of the Macon Chronicle-Herald.
    The Macon Tigerette softball team finished third in the state with a 8-7 win over Kelly. Their season ended with a record of 19-6.
    Among the 1992-93 school year officers for the Macon HERO (Home Economics Related Occupations) were: Kristin Enyard. Amy Coram, Sara Henry, Adam Thomas and Anthony Davis.
    Some of the 4th & 5th grade Macon Elementary School Outstanding Citizens included: Billy Brown, Jesse Helm, Bryce Hays, Josh Clement, Rachele Barbieri, Jennifer Grimshaw, Ken Theerman, and Nathan Switzer.

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