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  • We were in Callao but it doesn't look like home

  • Bob and Mary Burnett of Callao, Missouri traveled to Peru, and found a town by the same name.
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  • My father, Dr. Charles Sharp, moved our family to Callao in the spring of 1958. That summer our town celebrated the centennial.
    As a child I was intrigued by the graphicon on the cover of the centennial book that illustrated how Callao was named. The drawing showed that a globe was spun and a finger landed on Callao, Peru.
    Curiosity about Callao, Peru was tucked away into my memories.
    Those thoughts resurfaced as my husband, Bob, and I were planning our trip to see Machu Picchu.
    My brother, Rick, reminded me thatCallao was located next to Lima, our arrival city. Seeing the city that my hometown is named afterwould be a fulfillment of a childhood dream. The anticipation added to the excitement of our upcoming trip.
    After a long overnight flight from Miami we arrived. Looking through travel-weary eyes, 22 sleepless hours after leaving Missouri, I thought I was dreaming. I see huge red illuminated letters that spelled WELCOME TO CALLAO! Unbelievable! I was stoked!
    After exploring Machu Picchu we returned to Callao/Lima. I was anxious to buy the typical souvenirs: T-shirts, coffee mugs and postcards. Discovering that Callao is a very big industrial port city- not a tourist city, was very disappointing to me. The only momento that I could find to take home that read CALLAO was beer.
    This fall my husband and I will travel to Macon. Macon, France. We plan to return home with a bottle of wine from Macon to display next to our can of beer from Callao.
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